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About Shawn

With over 15+ years of experience, he has spearheaded the company operations and led Entigrity to become the global organization it is today. Shawn’s strategic vision and leadership lead to the expansion and diversification of Entigrity in several areas over the years. He understood numerous staffing related challenges plaguing the accounting community. Over time, he has provided consultation/advice to 5000+ accountants & businesses helped them convert some of their core challenges into opportunities.

Shawn’s is a big advocate of small businesses. He says, “Small businesses are the backbone of the global economy” and `his focus area is to always help small and mid-size accounting firms.

In fact, the Idea of Entigrity was born out Shawn’s wish to help small and mid-sized firms and businesses by providing them with access to global staffing. Shawn really admires businesses that create or facilitate the creation of micro entrepreneurs and large scale job creation like UBER, AIRBNB, Urban Company etc. Shawn has been actively involved in many accounting community events and forums, voicing his thoughts on various subjects pertaining to the accounting industry.

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E-Books Authored

Coaching & Consulting

  • Identifying and Building Standard Process.
  • Systematizing Operations.
  • Building Performance Metrics (That can be tracked Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly).
  • Measuring Performance Metrics (On an Ongoing Basis).
  • Annual & Quarterly Business Plan.
  • Expanding Gamut of Services for Clients.
  • Productizing Services.
  • Successful Offshoring.
  • Reworking Tech Stack.

Success (Results)

  • Less Partners/Owner Dependency.
  • Improved Profit Margins. (%)
  • Improved Client Engagement.
  • Increased Profit Time Measure*.
  • Reduction in Workload.
  • Lessening Administrative Work.
  • Improving Productivity.
  • Better Growth, Better Cash flow.
*Profit Time Measure = Money that Owner/Partner earn in a year before paying themselves divided by No. of hours they worked in that year.

Our Clients

Small & Mid-Size
Accounting Firms

  • 5 to 50 Team Size
  • $1M+ to $10M

Large Accounting

  • 5 to 50 Team Size
  • $10M+ Revenue

CFOs of Mid to Large Size

  • 20+ Team Size
  • $3M+ Revenue

Speaking Engagements (Past Topics)

  • When Is The Right Time To Become An Entrepreneur? Learnings From My Failures And Experiences
  • Understanding Human Motivation.
  • Big Business is not made only from Innovation and Disruption.
  • Per Hour - Value of the Person - Concept of Opportunity Cost.
  • Copying West Model is a Recipe to Disaster
  • First Mover Disadvantage in India.
  • Shamelessnes in Business.
  • Why Gujarati community is economically prosperous.
  • Test out your idea on the target market.
  • Understanding the right target market.
  • Why most startups in India are failing or unprofitable.
  • Building for value and not for valuation.
  • Investing in Markets and Startups.
  • My failures on Building a Team.
  • Replicating a good business in a better way.
  • Startups and building value and not valuation.
  • Remote Working & Offshore Hiring for Accounting firms.
  • Best Practices in Offshoring
  • What tasks to allocate while starting offshoring?
  • Interview Tips for Hiring Offshore Staff
  • How to Onboard an Offshore Staff Member
  • Integrating offshore and onshore teams.
  • How offshoring can bring Multi-dimensional transformation change in accounting firms.
  • What roles can be shifted offshore.
  • How to design a long term offshoring strategy.
  • Offshoring, Hiring beyond accounting roles.
  • Scaling CAAS + VCFO with Offshoring.
  • How to Training and Upskill Offshore Staff Members.
  • Build a 60% net margin Client Accounting Service Business
  • Integrating CFO & Advisory Services for Accounting Firms
  • Cobra Approach to Accounting firms growth.
  • Practice Management & Development
  • LinkedIn Marketing for Accountants
  • CAAS (Clients Accounting and Advisory services) Implementation in Accounting firms.
  • How to Implement Subscription based pricing in Firms
  • MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) in Accounting firms key to scale and success.
  • Building a Niche in Accounting Space.
  • Pricing Strategies for Accounting Firms.
  • How to run your accounting firm like a SAAS business.
  • How Data Analytics is going to be the future for Accounting firms.
  • CAS & Advisory Practice services for accounting firms
  • Accountants need to think like entrepreneurs.
  • Lesson for Accountants from Two COVID Tax Seasons
  • Building Ultra Profitable CAAS practices with offshoring in your firm.

Past Sessions

Successful Ventures

Shawn Co-founded Entigrity Solutions, an offshore staffing solutions provider dedicated to helping small to mid-sized accounting business firms in the U.S., Canada, and the UK to hire qualified and experienced offshore staff. Shawn envisioned a company that would bring the best hiring practices of the Big 4 and large accounting firms to small and mid-sized Accounting and Tax firms. At Entigrity, he aimed to reduce the staffing challenges, thereby allowing firms to scale up and maximize their full potential.

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Shawn founded myCPE to build an integrated platform for Accounting and Tax Professionals that helped them manage their CPE/CE credits. Being a veteran in the accounting industry, he understood the challenges of professional education beyond CPE credits and how to bridge the gap between content creators, presenters, and learners. myCPE solved both problems by launching the first free web and mobile video platform of Continuing Professional Education (CPE)/Continuous Education (CE) for Accounting and Tax professionals. Shawn is still very much involved in the business and is a Non-Executive Advisor.

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As the Chief Impact Officer for Entigrity Academy, a pioneering non-profit initiative by Entigrity, Shawn is pivotal in empowering students and professionals by providing affordable and accessible global professional courses in various disciplines. Under Shawn's leadership, the academy focuses on upskilling individuals, particularly those who face financial constraints and reside in remote areas and small towns. With Shawn leading the way as the Chief Impact Officer, Entigrity Academy continues to make an indelible mark on the educational landscape by ensuring that knowledge knows no boundaries and that every learner can aspire to achieve their professional aspirations.

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Shawn co-founded Social Eye Foundation, a heartfelt not-for-profit initiative committed to uplifting underserved members of society by providing them access to opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential. The Foundation stands as a testament to Shawn's vision and dedication, focusing on two crucial pillars: children's education and food distribution to the underserved members of the community. Shawn initiated this noble endeavor, pledging to sponsor one child's education for every Entigrity team member. Through Shawn's visionary role, numerous children with minimal access to educational resources are empowered with hope and opportunity.

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